CITY NEW Projects

September 2014
CITYatwork partners with the Maurice Sendak Community School in Park Slope for a NEW Science and Technology Partnership!
May 2014
CITYatwork partners with a NEW NYC DOE school in Staten Island to build a hands-on Science Lab at PS 59, The Harbor View School!
October 2013
CITYatwork partners with a NEW NYC DOE school in Park Slope to build a hands-on Science Lab at PS 118, The Maurice Sendak Community School!
July 2013
CITYatwork partners with two NYC DOE schools, opening their doors as NEW K-5 elementary schools in September 2013: Brooklyn Landmark and Brooklyn Gardens!
June 2013
CITYatwork celebrates our 5th year of partnership with PS 139 and produces the Science Night at PS 147!. View the Science Night here!

CITYatwork celebrates the first Science Safari EXPO at PS 147. View the Science EXPO here!
May 2013
CITYatwork produces the first annual Science Fair at Brooklyn Arbor Elementary. View the Science Fair here!
September 2012
CITYatwork celebrates the opening of the NEW Technology & Social Studies Lab at PS 147 for the new 2012-2013 school year. View the NEW CITYatwork Tech & Social Studies Lab!
August 2012
CITYatwork is delighted to partner with the NEW Brooklyn Arbor school in Brooklyn for the 2012-2013 school year. View the NEW CITYatwork Science Lab, renovated in August!
May 2012
CITYatwork welcomes parents to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the NEW Science Lab at PS 147, Isaac Remsen in Brooklyn! Learn about the new Science Lab here!
January 2012
CITYatwork redesigns the Music and Tehnology Room at PS 257, Magnet School for the Performing Arts. Learn about the new Music Technology Lab here!
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welcome to cityatwork
CITYatwork (Community Initiatives to Teach Youth) believes that in urban centers it takes a city to raise a child. CITYatwork partners with NYC public and private schools to provide 21st-century, interactive curricula and customized professional development. We work with school administrators and teachers to develop sustainable curriculum that follows NYS and NYC Common Core Standards, STEAM and NGSS goals, and provides professionalization in three primary fields: Science, Multimedia Technology, and Engineering.

In year-long partnerships or customized packages, CITYatwork partners with schools to create interactive classrooms and curricular programs that enable hands-on, inquiry-based, 21st-century learning. CITYatwork is a contracted vendor with the NYC Department of Education.

CITY Science Programs

CITYatwork partner schools in our CITY Labs for Learning Program receive complete renovation of a lab or classroom to ensure creative and innovative learning in a student-centered, educational lab. Visit our NEW CITYatwork Labs!

CITYatwork produces school-wide Science and Multimedia Fairs (hands-on experiments, e-portfolios, digital video, web design, and robotics) in our CITY Science Scholars Program. Students in Grades K-5, Middle School, and High School are introduced to scientific thinking, professional science methods, and experimental procedures. Visit our CITYatwork Science Fairs!

develops curricula for schools in the content areas through our CITY Teach Tech Program, including: school-wide learning managment systems, digitized subject curricula, i-school teching websites, and hands-on lessons that are digitally published for the school as a renewable resource. View CITYatwork 21st-Century Curricula!

Our History

CITYatwork was founded in 2005 to provide Science and Technology educational enrichment to urban youth in NYC pubic and private schools. We work to ensure that students of all ages develop the necessary skills in math, science, technology, and critical thinking to empower them to pursue 21st-century higher education and professional careers.

CITYatwork ensures academic and professional success with our partner schools through a program called: TECHNOLOGY ACTS: Assess | Customize| Turnkey| Sustain. CITYatwork provides schools with a complete, customized curricular program that meets 21st-century learning goals for K-12 education.



Our Curricula


CITYatwork school partnerships are designed to create Educational Sustainability. We ensure that schools receive long-lasting results through the renovation of lab classrooms, the use of sustainable curriculum, and the design of 21st-century, school learning platforms. We believe that empowered teachers in turn create empowered student learners. Our partner schools receive curricular programs that are renewable and stay with the school for turn-key learning year after year.


Our Partners

  • PS 59, Harbor View
  • PS 118, Maurice Sendak
  • PS 139, Alexine A. Fenty
  • PS 147, Isaac Remsen
  • PS 157, Benjamin Franklin
  • PS 257, John F. Hylan
  • PS 309, George E. Wibecan
  • PS 414, Brooklyn Arbor
  • PS 557, Brooklyn Gardens
  • PS 599, Brooklyn Landmark
  • EBT High School for Enterprise, Business, and Technology
  • MS 50, John D. Wells