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CITYatwork Labs for Learning was founded in 2001 in NYC as a STEM Education Company. CITYatwork provides hands-on and inquiry-based STEAM education, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math programs to children in Grades PreK-12 in the NYC Schools. CITYatwork is a contracted vendor with the New York City Department of Education. 




Build a Lab. Experience

CITYatwork provides custom STEAM Labs for Schools. Each lab is themed and branded for an individual NYC School to create an environment for hands-on education for children in Grades Pre-K-12. Contact us to learn about getting a CITYatwork Lab for Learning in your school!

Be a Scientist. Experiment

CITYatwork provides Push-In Lab Classroom Instruction to model STEAM instruction for teachers. Our staff help young scientists develop hands-on skills in  the scientific method and 21st-century science concepts, including biology, chemistry, earth science, engineering, robotics, technology, and experiment design.

Take a Class. Inspire

Engage your students with hands-on curriculum through our CITYatwork STEAM and Science Curriculum Series. Discover Science with Inquiry-Based Units for Grades PreK-12. Explore: How Are Flowers Used to Make Art? What Secret is Inside a Geode? How are Robots Designed? Will 3D Printers Print All Our Food? All units are aligned with NYC, NYS, and NGSS Standards. 

Teach Science. Educate

CITYatwork offers a full continuum of STEAM Professional Development courses for NYC educators and professionals. CITYatwork is a contracted vendor with the NYC Department of Education. Contact us to  innovate your professional develoment series for STEM Education. 


Use Technology. Innovate

CITYatwork provides support to admin teams, teachers, and parent groups to innovate 21st-Century STEAM Programs. Sample programs include: school-wide technology fairs, site-based technology labs,  website applications for SMARTBoard instruction, and robotics and engineering programs. 

Create Art. Imagine

CITYatwork believes that young scientists are creative scienients. Our STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, and Math) courses provide hands-on education across fields by including art disciplines to help students imagine, visualize, create and dream as future scientists and artists!

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