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CITYatwork Labs for Learning is committed to bringing science into the classroom and bringing students outdoors to experience science. CITYatwork partners with NYC schools for school-wide STEM initiatives including professional development series, curriculum design, cutomized lab development, and community engagement with science education.


CITYatwork School Partners are empowered to teach 21st-century STEAM subject areas, ranging from electrical engineering microcircuit technologies to microbiology. Teachers achieve fluency in enhanced content-area knowledge and improved science pedagogy.  


CITYatwork Curriculum Partners receive curriculum support for hands-on, inquiry-based STEAM learning. All lesson plans are aligned to NYC and NYS Common Core Science Standards and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). Curricular modules may be used independently or to enhance current classroom practices.

PS 23:    Carter G. Woodson School

PS 28:    Warren Prep Academy

PS 31:    Samuel F. Dupont School

PS 59:    Harbor View School Staten Island

PS 59:    William Floyd School

PS 106:  Lighthouse Elementary

PS 110:  Monitor School

PS 118:  Maurice Sendak School

PS 120:  Carlos Tapia School

PS 139:  Alexine A. Fenty School

PS 184:  Newport School

PS 257:  John F. Hylan School

PS 323:  Brooklyn Elementary

PS 380:  John Wayne School

PS 414:  Brooklyn Arbor School

PS 531:  Bronx Archer Elementary

PS 536:  Bronx Elementary

PS 557:  Brooklyn Gardens School

PS 599:  Brooklyn Landmark School

PS/IS 121: Nelson A. Rockefeller

MS 50:   John D. Wells School

MS 126: School for Environmental Engineering

HS EBT: Enterprise, Business & Technology

HS 412: Bronx High School of Business

Elwood School District: Harvey Primary School

Elwood School District: James H. Boyd School

Maria Vazquez Intermediate: Bayamón, Puerto Rico

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